Step 4: How we handle your complaint

What happens after your complaint is registered?

Once we receive your complaint, we informally assess it to determine whether we can accept it or not in accordance with the law.

If your complaint is accepted, we will send you details to effect payment of the €25 complaint fee. You may choose to pay the fee by way of one of four options as follows:

  • Credit or Debit card - this option is only available for those who submit an online complaint.
  • Bank transfer - Bank details available upon request.
  • Cheques (or bank drafts) - we only accept cheques if drawn on locally licensed banks only (payable to the Office of the Arbiter for Financial Services).
  • Cash - Only if submitted personally at our offices. Never send bank notes (or coins) by mail.

You will receive a receipt and an acknowledgment once payment is cleared.  The acknowledgment will contain a unique complaint reference number, which you will need to refer to when corresponding with us during the complaint process.

The complaint fee of €25 is fully refundable if:

  • the complainant withdraws the complaint, or
  • both parties come to an agreement before the decision is issued by the Arbiter (see next step).

Your complaint, with documentation, is then sent to your provider who has 20 calendar days to submit a reply.

Once submitted, a copy of the provider’s reply will be sent to you together with an invitation for both parties to the complaint to refer their case to mediation. 


We recommend mediation as the first and best option for resolving the matter.